Grand Master Grave Project

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The Most Worshipful Past Grand Masters are listed here in their own “Virtual Cemetery” created on Find A Grave. 


The purpose of the Alabama Lodge of Research is to provide the Freemasons of Alabama a source for knowledge and education about the history of Freemasons, and Freemasonry, within the State of Alabama.  The Alabama Lodge of Research will act as a repository for papers and videos of historical significance in an online format.


Regular Membership

Master Masons who are in the Jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Alabama.

Fees & Dues

The Fee for Membership is $30 and must accompany this PETITION.  Annual Dues are $20.

Associate Membership

Master Masons who are outside the Jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Alabama.  Associate Members have all the rights and privileges of a regular member, except they may not hold office or vote.



PGM Larry W. Stinson, PM

Eureka No. 64


Alan L. Herrington

Greeno No. 598


Christopher E. Tackett, PM

Prattville No. 89


Ronald L. Thomas, PM

Brown's Crossroads No. 529